While the leaders of Neighborhood Schools realize they have unique experiences and skills to execute on their vision, they also acknowledge that the work cannot be done alone. They have enlisted the support of long-time education supporters, community leaders, community organizations, and many others who believe that more needs to be done to help the next generation succeed in school and life.


Charter School Growth Fund
Families Empowered
First Methodist Houston Church
Houston Food Bank
Legacy CommunityHealth
Neuhaus Education Center
Northside Missionary Baptist Church
SER Jobs for Progress

Advisory Board

Tony Annunziato
Karen Arnold
Laura Arnold
Adrienne Bond
John Buck
Pierce Bush
Andy Canales
James Chao
Hank Coleman
Bryan Contreras

Roberto Contreras
Jerry Davis
David Doll
Randa Duncan
Denise Duvernay
John Esquivel
Minerva Esquivel
Karen Feldman
Dave Ferdman
Chris Fraser

Ricardo Garcia Moreno
Ben Glisan
Licia Green-Ellis
Shawn Gross
Hugh Guill
James Hernandez
Jodie Jiles
Sonnie Jiles
Ann Johnson
Steve Kean

Sherry Lott
Tommy Lott
Marcos Maldonado
Stan Marek
Harvin Moore
Lauren Morgan
Mary Jane Munoz
Alejandro Nazario
Ana Ortiz
Bob Peebler

Tirsa Reyes
Kevin Robins
Michael Salazar-Medina
Manolo Sanchez
Courtney Sarofim
Josephine Smith
Tracy Weeden
Leslie Weiss
Sid Weiss
Donnie Young
Reginald Young