First generation leaders transforming our neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Schools, Inc. was established in 2018 but its roots start in 1994. That year, 47 fifth graders at Macario Garcia Elementary School on the north side of Houston chose to join a new program called The Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP).  On the first day of class, they learned:

This is the room
That has the kids
Who want to learn
To read more books
To build a better TOMORROW!

Throughout the subsequent years, they learned the academic skills and qualities of character necessary to advance their education. This progress enabled them to build a better tomorrow for themselves; they had the freedom to choose their college and/or career.  Twenty-four years later, they and those who joined them in the 1990’s are parents, professionals, and community leaders, enjoying the freedom to choose what they want for their lives.

Building a better tomorrow was never just about themselves.  These educators, community leaders, business leaders, skilled craftspersons, entrepreneurs, and social service providers see it as their responsibility and duty to take ownership in transforming their neighborhoods. They are uniquely positioned because of their experience earned in the last decade as professionals, as well as their experience from sitting in some of the first seats of our country’s modern education reform era. They have experienced the transformative power of school options and want more children in their neighborhoods to reach their full potential.

No longer the leaders of tomorrow; the leaders of TODAY!