In August of 2019, Eastex-Jensen Classical Academy and Westchase Classical Academy opened their doors to students and families. Neighborhood Schools Inc. (NSI) helped start and supports these two schools to ensure that students, families and community have access to resources that will enable the revitalization of their community. The founding principals of these two schools and the board members of NSI all share a common history that enabled them to reach personal success. They work together to ensure that more students in Eastex-Jensen and Southwest Houston gain opportunities that will empower students and families.

Westchase Classical Academy opened with Kinder and 1st grade. Eastex-Jensen Classical opened with Kinder, 1st and a small class of 5th grade. The goal is to add one to two grades every year until the schools grow to educate students in PreKinder 3 (3 year old’s) to 8th grade. For the 2020-2021 school year, both schools plan to enroll students in PK3 – 2nd grade and 5th – 6th grade. For the safety of our students, families and community the new school year will start virtually.

Over the past 2 years, NSI has built partnerships with 17 non-profits, churches, civic groups and businesses to provide food, holidays gifts, school supplies, technology and more to the students and community throughout the year. It is important to meet the various needs of students in order for them to learn and grow mentaly, physically and socially which all impact their academics.

These partnerships have allowed NSI to immediately respond to student and community needs during the pandemic. NSI was able to supply two rounds of home kits for each student that included all basic school supplies, books and fun activities. Along with the home kits, NSI provided computers to each school to loan to families during the end of spring virtual learning.

More than 85% of students from Eastex-Jensen Classical and Westchase Classical qualify for free and reduced meals and it is important to ensure food access to the families. During the normal school year, students received food from the Houston Food Bank via their Back-Pack Buddy program. That same program allowed students to continue to receive food during the school shutdowns in early 2020. Since May, in partnership with the Houston Food Bank, 6 churches and local leaders, both campuses have become food distribution sites for the community.